Posted by spotter for Tigbrand
Hi chaps, these pics are all of military interest on Portland in Dorset, this area is full of fortifications and a lot remains to be seen. Here are some pics of some gunsites and ordnance that i have taken. They are,
Pic-1 SC250(This is an sc250 i think! in Portland museum).
Pic 2 East weares 9.2 inch gun emplacement, 1 of 2 on this site.(Near naval Base).
Pic 3 Victorian gunpit at East weares(Battery near naval cemy),showing gun barrel used as pivot for later gun.
Pic 4 High angle mortar pits at high angle battery, next to the verne citadel.
Pic 5 is an anti shipping mine at folly pier , should be saved.
And finally Pic 6 View of breakwater fort, part of harbour defences on portland breakwater, used victorian period to late 50s when coastal defence was scrapped.
Hope this is of interest.