I'm aware that the British Army had a No94 Energa rifle grenade in the 1950s (and have the infantry training booklet thereon). I'm a bit fuzzy about rifle grenades adopted since then. This is the extent of my knowledge - I'm hoping someone will fill me in/put me right on this and post the relevant L No.s and in/out of serice dates.

Back in the 80s I recall seeing a piece on a rocket assisted HEAT grenade being bought for defence of VCPs from suicide vehicle attacks in NI. I think that grenade (if it in fact existed) was a Luchaire. A few years later, in the run up to the 1991 Gulf War, some non rocket assisted French (bullet trap?) grenades were purchased. Sometime later these in turn were replaced by rifle grenades of Israeli manufacture (shoot through?). After 2002 it was decided to adopt an underbarrel grenade launcher for the L85A1/2 rifle and these grenades presumably ceased to be issued - I say presumably because rifle grenades have certain tactical advantages over UGLs and might have carried on in use alongside them.

I'd be grateful if someone could fill in the gaps in the above.