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    model of 1917 US trench broom

    In WW1 the US government purchased some 35,000 short-barreled repeating (5 shot pump action) 12-gauge shotguns from various manufacturers. The model 1897 and 1912 Winchester, and model 11 Remington were the principal guns purchased. All were 12-gauge barrels with metal handguards and attachment provisions for the M1917 Enfield bayonet. all were blued and became known as M1917 after modification or affectionately nicknamed the "TRENCH BROOM". they were manufactured primarily for the purpose of arming guards placed over enemy prisoners, but were found to be extremely effective on night patrols and in the protection of outposts against attack by superior numbers. Some American soldiers especially skilled at trap shooting, positioned themselves with shotguns to shoot enemy grenades midair to prevent them from falling into allied trenches. Although the German Government protested the AEF's use of shotguns, American soldiers used them right up until the end of the war.
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