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Thread: Westland Apache

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    Westland Apache

    This is a bit out of my knowledge zone (which is small at the best of times) but I thought someone might like the pictures.

    I took these at Yeovilton Air Day 11th July 2009. The weather was dreadful and around 3.00pm even the pilots were disappearing into the cloud base when then tried to climb into their cockpits. Still, coming from N.Ireland it was better than anything I have seen in a long time.

    This was the Westland Apache static stand with a very well laid out display of ordnance on the table. Just wish I had more time to stay and ask a few questions but had junior with me so had to keep moving.

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    There are a lot of things on the net about the Apache, but this one seems to be decent:


    It even mentions the UK production of the Apache.

    The ordnance you saw on the table consisted of the 2.75" rockets, the blue one simulating a 10 Lb. HE warhead (M151), and the other sectioned one marked for flechette. They have an anti-helicopter flechette warhead filled with darts that are about 3/16" in diameter and about 2 inches long.

    The other items on the table are the 30mm rounds for the chain gun and the hellfire missile. The chain gun is pointed by the direction the gunner is looking. It tracks his helmet movements and eye.
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