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    Heroes of Telemark trip

    A few years back we had a trip to Rjukan to walk the same route to the powerstation as the sabatours did. Just came over the pictures now so thought i could post some of them.
    First is of a bomb crater made by the americans after the bombing raid. They dropped what they had left in the hills behind the hotel we stayed at. There are several craters left.
    Next is whats left of one of the bombs, propped up outside the hotel.
    First view of the powerstation when you start down the valley. (the building that made the heavy water was removed in the 1970's i think)
    The next one is the railway track where they made their way in.
    The monument to the men who took part in the raid.
    A view looking back from the top of their escape route back up to the Hardangervidda. There is a cablecar that takes you up
    If anyone is on holiday over here i would recomend the trip. It was not hard to do, the steep parts were OK but remember thay had a couple of meters of snow and ice to deal with!

    All the best
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