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    Law 80

    A shoulder-launched anti-tank rocket introduced into UK service in the late 1980s. The launch tube also had a five round spotting rifle added. The joke was that the enemy tankie would here a knocking on the tank and open his hatch to see who was there, only to then receive the rocket. These photos were taken in the period 1989 - 1990. While it was new in service, firing camps had to be monitored by ammunition technical staff. The propellant fumes combined with atmospheric moisture to make hydrochloric acid, so we and the users ended up wearing respirators. The drill version was made from a fired, weighted launch tube. In my opinion, the whole thing, although a good idea, was not squaddie proof. Bits easily broke and if the launch tube was twisted on extension then the firing pin for the rocket was held by friction and could not be fired.
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