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    27 x 143B Mauser experimental round.

    The photographs show a 27 x 143 B experimental cannon round that I recently managed to add to the collection.
    I had some information about this round but have managed to lose it (quite frustrating as I've been after one of these for years!) so if anyone can help out with more information it would be appreciated.
    The first photo shows the round on its own.
    The next one shows it next to a standard DEFA round and a standard 27 x 145B Mauser service cannon round. The rim on the experimental one is 33 mm compared to the service rounds 34mm but the thing to note is that the belt on the 27 x 143 is the same as on a DEFA not the same as on the 27 x 145.
    Other things to note are the odd shaped projectile that sits inside the case and the screw in primer.
    Headstamp is "LOS M 1 71"
    All rounds shown are INERT etc.
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