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    Cool True Southland thinking

    In 2010 a large New Zealand liquor company commissioned the 3 major educational facilities in the South Island to determine whether a square or round bottle was better.

    All three agreed that the round bottle was easier to grasp and that the square bottle was easier to pack.

    The team from Canterbury determined the the square bottle was best as it was smaller for the given volume thus making it cheaper to ship, easier to pack and easier to display and as most people poured with their hand around the base of the neck there was little ergonomic benefit.

    The team from Otago Uni agreed that while square was easier to pack, the round bottle is far easier to grasp and get a firm grip, thus reducing instances of bottles being dropped and spilled and reducing wrist strain in bar staff.

    The SIT team agreed with the Canterbury team but raised one issue that they considered crucial and that was missed by both other teams. A square bottle did not roll or move as easily as the round one thus meaning the bottle would not move around on the floor of the cab of your ute while you were driving around and why the bloody hell would anyone make round bottles anyway???
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