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Thread: Kings Norton

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    I think before WW1

    They were commercial and were taken into service in the usual panic and that's when military marked ammunition starts to be made. But no doubt the commercial stuff was used too, just like the 1 Pr. in the Boer War, none of those have military marks, but they are service issue too. Pre WW1 issue I think it is impossible to tell commercial from military use. Maybe some primer or crimp differences but I can't think of much else. Canada bought two for sure 1 1/4 Maxims (we still have them) but the only casing I ever found over here for one (and you can never really be sure even then) was the same size as the 1 1/2 Pr case, had VS&M in a circle just like the 1 Pr. and it had the so called Nordenfelt groove around the primer pocket. I will look for the image.
    I don't have it anymore and thought it was just another 1 1/2 Pr case, just earlier than most. After it was gone I found out what the then"Mythical"
    1 1/4 Pr was ~
    Found them, the case was fired so the short neck and shoulder that these have was a bit expanded and cracked from thinness and age. But I think this is what one could consider a 1 1/4 Pr case to be like, failing so far the known existence of a 1 1/4 Pr marked case.
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    Records of the KN Co seem to be very sparse, and there are no known lists or catalogues of what they produced, or for whom. The NRA over here has quite a bit of correspondence with them (dating from about 1907; they destroyed all the earlier correspondence some years ago because they were running out of space!), but mostly in connection with contracts to supply .303" and .22" ammunition for members of Rifle Clubs and the NRA. Nothing on larger calibres, unfortunately.



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