I have just landed a 11/2 pdr case stamped:11/2 PR1, and a logo with KN inside. No date or other marks. It came with an Austrian projectile marked SW, for Skoda Werke. I have no information about King Norton except that they were in business in the early 1900s near Birmingham. looks like it has never been loaded and has no prinmer or crimps for the projectile, so I beleive they are not matched. However, England sold a couple of cruisers to Austria which included 11/2 Maxims in their armament.This could be an example of export case reloaded with home made projectile, as there are 2 fine punch marks ariund the primer well such as indicate reloads in some countries. Any help here would be appreciated. Also, I have a 1" aiming or Nordenfelt round, case marked:ECI. I cannot find this marking, only ones near to it were US, and I doubt they produced this case. Any information on maker and date also helpful Thanks in advance, Highlandotter