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    Drawing Documentation of Russian Ammo 12.7mm-57mm


    I now have a less expensive alternative to my book "Soviet Cannon" available that provides most of the technical information also contained in the book:

    This unique drawing documentation (actually the "Appendix 3" of my "Soviet Cannon" book) is intended to positively identify any Soviet ammunition and its components within the calibre range of 12.7mm - 57mm. It inludes all known Soviet projectiles, cartridge cases, primers and fuzes from approx. the year 1900 to today. The drawing documentation consists of 286 scale drawings in colour, showing both whole and cutaway views, as well as all markings.

    Great emphasis has been laid on the actual examination of specimens, rather than trusting any existing sources. For every ammunition specimen a single sheet has been drawn. All drawings are to scale and have been adjusted in size to fill most of the available space on the sheet. Any specimens that were physically examined for this documentation - and this includes most items - were measured to an accuracy of 0.1mm. This of course is also true for any inner fuze parts.

    The drawings generally consist of a full view and a cutaway view for every specimen. The full view includes any colour, stamped-in and stencilled markings, shown as encountered on the specimens. This is intended to provide a photo-realistic view and to give an idea of the different markings employed on Soviet ammunition. The cutaway view consists of a complete 180° section of the specimen to show its inner construction. To readily identify any hazardous substances (incendiaries, high explosives, tracer compositions), the latter have been given an orange colour. The legend identifies the different hatch styles used to show the variety of fillers.

    The description below every drawing briefly explains the inner construction of the item. This description always ends by mentioning the source used to make the drawing. If available, the description always includes the headstamp of the cartridge case that belongs to the projectile shown.

    - Softbound, 296 pages, full colour
    - Language: English (Legends also in German, Dutch, French and Spanish)
    - Dimensions: 305x215x37mm (standard A4 letter size), weight 1.1kg
    - Printed on premium quality, bright white paper 115gm/mē
    - Price: € 40.00

    More details and ordering information on my website (sample drawings shown below):

    The Russian Ammunition Page
    Book "Soviet Cannon"
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Highly recommended.
    I printed off from the disc when i got the Russian ammo book ,certainly adds value as you then end up with 2 books (and about 1 ream less of paper!)





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