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    British Charge Bags

    Hello All,

    I've added a few nice old British charge bags from around 1907-1918 into my collection over the last couple of years and they don't often get seen, It would be nice to get a nice thread going of different bags. Most people collect the shells and cases but these charge bags seldom survive since they are made from natural materials like silk, wool, cotton and linen.
    The (Inert) ones I have added photos of below are as follows:

    1- Charge bag for 12pdr 12cwt Saluting charge dated approx. 1907 (Blank)- Would have contained 1½ lb's of Large Grain Black Powder.

    2- Charge bag for 12pdr 8cwt Saluting charge approx. 1907 (Blank)- Would have contained 1lb 8oz of Large Grain Powder.

    3 - Set of charge bags for 4.5inch Howitzer dated July 1913. These would have contained 'hoops' of cordite in the following quantities:
    Bag 1- 5oz 14drs Size 2¼. Bag 2- 1oz 5½drs Size 2¼. Bag 3- 1oz 12drs Size 2¼. Bag 4- 2oz 9½drs Size 2¼. Bag 5- 4oz 5drs Size 4¼.

    4 & 5- Set of 5 Bags for 4.5inch Howitzer dated 2nd Nov 1917. These were filled with NCT5. This was Nitro Cellulose Tubular which we imported from US during the war to supplement our dwindling supplies of Cordite. Unlike cordite, NCT was extruded as small pellets and so the usual ring donut chaped bags as shown in photo 3 couldn't be used so different size and shape bags were used that didnt have the hole in the middle. These were filled in the following quantities:
    Bag 1- 7oz. Bag 2- 1½oz. Bag 3- 1oz 13drs. Bag 4- 2oz 12drs. Bag 5- 5oz 3drs.

    6 & 7- Three Charge bags for 4.5inch Howitzer, dated 2nd May 1918. Again would have been filled with NCT5 in the quantities described above.

    Hope you all enjoy, and if anyone has any to add to the thread - or sell me go ahead.

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    Hi Ben and thanks for showing us these bags as it is not often one see's them with most be destroyed either in use or after time expiry etc.
    Nice items.

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    Very Nice. Whould you happen to have any measurements for a 6 inch 23 cwt charge bag? I found length measurements but not width. I would assume just less then the 6 inches.....





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