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    Unknown 95 mm shell with fuze

    Two weeks ago, we found a unknown shell. Here are the dimensions and the pics.
    If someone have an idea of identification, it is welcome !

    Shell diameter : 95 mm
    Shell full length : +/- 330 mm
    Driving band width : 10 mm
    Distance driving band - bottom : 32 mm
    Groove width under driving band (?????) : 12 mm
    Distance groove - bottom : 19 mm
    Fuze greatest diameter : 50 mm
    Fuze diameter on top : 24 mm
    Fuze visible length : 36 mm

    Shell separate in two cavities. Depth of first cavity : 174 mm

    Stamped marking on shell and on cavity separating diaphragm : 507
    Stamped marking on fuze : O T V and a stylized arrow wich indicate the selection.

    Filling of first cavity of shell and filling of booster are under investigations in labo. In booster a gray-black color powder, in first cavity a yellow pressed powder.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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