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    U.S. Naval Deck Gun ...? Well, sort of.

    Hello Folks - (also in Member's Collections)

    Here is a one-off, it's a working scale model of a U.S. Naval Deck Gun. At least I believe that's what it is made after. Wondered if anyone might recognize any model or type it is made to represent. It is a working model, made to fire .22 WCF ammunition! It is ~8"s in length and there is a date of 1919 scratched into the bottom of the base and the maker's (?) initials.

    I think it's pretty neat, but wonder if it a fantasy piece or really modeled after an actual artillery model.

    Plus I added a couple pics of my latest restoration, the pickelhaube lamp. Not an explosive device, but another one-off. Shade and chinstrap are replacements, the rest is restored from original.

    Thanks for looking!
    - Mike
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