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Thread: WW2 2Pr Pom Pom

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    WW2 2Pr Pom Pom

    Hello. Im new to the site and not sure if this is an appropriate post but.... is it okay to ask for appraisals here? Im mired in a deal to buy a pair of WW2 dated 2pr pom pom rounds. Other than knowing that they are inert, there is only this picture to go by, no details of markings, close-up shots etc. What I would like to know is; what kind of a value would you put on these judging by the photo and assuming what you see is what you get (let's say no internals, small parts, etc)? Im used to seeing 2prs with no paint, shortened cases, missing bits etc. and know the prices they range between. But these 2 seem to be in good condition with nice paint. I know condition costs more. Right now the price is over twice what the usual mutts go for. I dont want to miss out on a deal but am out of my league and dont want to overpay either. You guys have a price range in mind youd expect to see these for sale for? Thanks for your help.

    (They'd look good with the 1916 VSM 2Pr Ive already got)
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