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Thread: Pom-1s

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    Quote Originally Posted by frogman View Post
    This is a diagram for tilt ball switch of POM-1S. A is plastic container, B is a metallic ring with metallic tilt ball inside and C are two metallic rings. Regardless of what position the mine lands, B is going to make a contact with C. This 'make and break' contact action doesn't matter during the arming delay period. But, after the expiration of arming delay, any movement of mine causes the contact between B and C to break momentarilly and the sensing electronics detect the current interruption and send a signal to a transistor or SCR which open the patch for discharging of firing capacitor to detonator. I'd really like to see sensing electronic diagram for POM-1S or BLU-42B, but there is no publication that I can find. One curious collector could easily trace the components and produce a diagram though, if he is inclined.
    I have manual for BKF-POM-1S. Made for Air Forces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivashkin View Post
    I have manual for BKF-POM-1S. Made for Air Forces.
    Does that include electronic diagrams? They are very hard to come by. I am looking for electronic diagrams of POM-1, МВЭ-92, and МВЭ-72. I think the only way is to draw them manually from the deactivated items. I have made one for type 72b AP mine. It's not really hard as they contain few components.


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