This WAAPM is obviously derived from the US BLU-42B, a fact which its designer, A.Popov, freely admits on his website-http://a-popov.livejournal.com/104592.html However, it is completly different internally, and also has an additional external safety, released by a pull wire when dispensed. Perhaps it does not use auto-rotation for arming, so it can be dispensed close to the ground for a greater density of coverage? Also it seems to use a hydraulic timer for arming, and a mysterious pyrotechnic lock connected with the external safety, in some mysterious fashion.

Other differences are serrated ground engaging discs at the end of the trip-lines-perhaps the rather smaller ball anti-disturbance switch needed a stronger pull than the BLU- 42B? & separable spider-heads, so presumably to allow the shafts to remain in position, sealing against water ingress. If the battery is a reserve type(Probably) then perhaps the Pyrotechnic Lock is to provide enough force to release a strongly sprung striker, so crushing the electrolyte reservoir, as well as the hydraulic dashpot or sequence timer.

Is there a fully sectioned view, as the Ordata image suggests, or perhaps Mr. A Popov might oblige! Someone must have a sectioned item, or a description of the action.

Many thanks in advance,