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    British Bar Mine Drill L21A1

    Some pictures of a Drill Bar mine L21A1 with Drill fuze L139A1 representing fuze L129A1. Quite an interesting mine in that the fuze is activated by a liquid filled tube that runs the length of the top half of the mine, when pressure is applied to the mine the liquid forces the fuze to activate to set it off. The L139 fuze that straps to the top at either end of the bar mine has a pop up aerial that has a wheel on the end that is turned by the underside of a vehicle, that in turn activates a complex mechanism which sets of a small charge that penetrates the bar mine to set it off. I believe now they use existing stocks as the Bar mine is now obsolete as breaching charges for walls etc by cutting the mine in two. These mines are also on the IED mine list as stocks were sold to overseas countries. Quite a nice piece of kit, a mine you don't see very often and also very heavy.
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