While browsing for information on the LCAW, an Italian ultralight torpedo, I found a brief mention of an interesting variant:

"A202: a 16 kg variant for frogmen use, launched from a Bazooka-like launcher called Medusa, first adopted by Italian naval special force."

Now, I'm fully aware of how unreliable Wikipedia can be when it comes to obscure information like this. But upon checking other sources where the A202 was mentioned, it seems to be true.

A passage in The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets supports what was stated in the wiki article, but contains little other information.

The thing I'm trying to do is find more information and or/a photo on the A202 and its Medusa launcher. Also, are there any other frogman-deployed torpedo systems out there? I realize that such a concept introduces a number of challenges and hazards, but I'm just interested in seeing if the A202 was unique. Extensive Google and patent searches have turned up nothing.