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Thread: Japanese 25mm

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    Japanese 25mm

    I guess this might be the right venue to post this modified Japanese 25mm Naval shell. It's obvious someone had a lot of time on their hands and cut down the shell and re-neck it to fit the projectile. In earlier times this would make a nice ink well. I figure the projectile which is in great shape is worth more than what I paid for it.
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    Not sure if you know this but here goes with the markings. Reading (left to right) "Toyo" (KAWA) date is Showa 18.4 (April 1943), "KA", anchor is the acceptance mark for Toyokawa who was the manufacturer. Primer insert also has the "Toyo" and Toyokawa acceptance marks. On a side note as outlined by Ken Elks in his book Japanese Ammunition 1880-1945 part 2, Showa 18.4 was a last month that the Navy marked their cases in this manner and went with a much simplified system of just the Arsenal acceptance mark.




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