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    How to package a projectile or most anything ~

    The object of this post is to give an example of packaging for
    shipment of an item. The main object is to secure the item so that
    it stays secure in the package. As opposed to preventing and external
    object damaging the packaged item. By insuring the first the secound is also
    accomplished. Many or all of us at one time or another have received an item
    or items breaking through the package or have had items lost on that account.
    These days this is no longer a light matter as we know.

    The main point of this is (and there are numerous ways to achieve this and I show
    my current method as an example)
    That your item is secure and not loose so that it can move within the package
    and that there is enough package around it to hold it secure.
    At the end of this you will see that the item is triple boxed, glued and taped -
    Of course the item must be disassembled as much as possible, empty and able to be seen
    to be so.
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    And anyone lucky enough to receive one of Gordons packages will have to allow a very long time to open them, with a complete tool kit of instruments plus plasters and bandages for when the knife/scissors slip! Also not good to open in front of family members as you do not want to expose them to the profanity that comes with the opening!! But there is never a question of anything being damaged in transit.
    Always looking for projectiles, cases, fuzes and paperwork related to Burney and Davis guns.

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    I always thought that Gordon had a captive ghost Egyptian mummy wrapper who did his packaging. I suggest having a band saw, utility knife, pliers for gripping tape and air craft metal snips as basic tools for the unpacking. A multi lingual book of profanity is also useful. But there is the fact the contents arrive un spoiled by human contact or official inquiry. The labor involved in the packing is truly appreciated as is the valued contents.
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    A couple of years ago I received a package from Gordon, the 2 projectiles were securely wrapped in plastic and the whole box filled with expanding foam. It took ages to cut the projectiles out of the cocoon but it was worth the wait.




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