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Thread: Abk-p-500

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    Can someone furnish details upon precise dimensions of this early Soviet bomb dispenser (not a real cluster bomb but rather a small bomb container) used on Pe-2 and Tu-2 planes - at least in theory, the use of such a dispenser on fast bombers/ dive bombers being an "operational absurdity" as the spread of their contents would be either too wide (high speed bomber) or to concentrated (dive bomber) to be efficient.
    The ABK-P-500 could accommodate up to 108 incendiary ZAB -1, or 67 fragmentation bombs AO-2.5, or 86 PTAB-2,5-1,5, or 45 PTAB-10-2,5

    Here some pics relating to this piece of ordnance:
    0043bn.jpg ABK-P-500 a.jpg ABK-P-500 b.jpg ABK-P-500 under Tu-2S.jpg TU-2S 1 5cbe69889e57.jpg TU2-S 2 cb5fbb9f9111.jpg

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