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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff w View Post
    Thank you for this post Steve. Very noble of you to admit your mistake on the forum. It probably would have fooled me too.
    Here is a picture of one that sold on Gunbroker in about 2011 - it would help if someone can also verify this as genuine or not. The drive bands are unusual. I believe it sold for $2000+ with the casing.
    As far as yours, if I had an empty 128 case I would want to fill it - and would probably pay $300 for such a nice replica (knowing I would not find a real one here in the US).
    Attachment 111480Attachment 111481Attachment 111482Attachment 111483Attachment 111484Attachment 111485Attachment 111486Attachment 111487Attachment 111488Attachment 111489Attachment 111490Attachment 111491
    is this for sale ? and how much ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARMORMARINE View Post
    is this for sale ? and how much ?
    At the top of the post you will see the date the post was published. That post was from 2015.


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