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    thanks for the replys very helpful

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    From the photos and what I read about the construction of Safety fuse it is covered in varnished friction tape. So I made mine by covering cotton cloths line cord with hockey stick tape. (you can't get friction tape for electrical any more but they are the same thing). Then I gave it a coat of varnish, blackened the ends with black marker and then dipped them in liquid electrical tape which is how they sealed the ends.
    For Cordex I found that RG-56 TV cable is very close to the later plastic covered stuff so I used that and coated the ends again. I comes in different colours I used white the late type and I read Grey was earlier. I've used Detcord lots and RG-56 has pretty much the same feel and knot tying flexibility.
    Fuse Instantaneous was rarely used for demolitions, sometimes booby traps and mostly for battle simulation. For RE units it was held in HQ in case it was needed along with most booby trap switches. So to me its not a common demolition accessory.


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