There's been extensive trials during the war in North Africa by the New zealand regiments experimenting with the effects of German S-mines to see how lethal the shrapnel can be and shrapnel pattern it makes and how best to react to a mine if one encounters such a device. There has also been serious study how mortar round shrapnel spreads and how observer's can identify the location of where enemy rounds are fired from, seen in various war time pamphlets and manuals.

Has there been study and trials of how German bomb shrapnel travels when it explodes and its shrapnel pattern. I am interested to see where if the tail fins or fuzes land up either in the same hole or travels hundreds of yards away even if it's just fragments. Every time I see a bomb crater which there are a lot where I live I do wonder where the fragments land. I think many trials and studies have been done on various munitions especially for aircrew to improve on better protective clothing worn.