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Thread: Moab

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    I wonder if the fuzing system was changed to be more effective in the recent operations.
    The one in front of the armament museum at Eglin had two M904 fuzes. The pictures were taken years ago.
    Looks like the fairing on the display has marked the fuze extention rod position with black paint.

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    I think the MOAB looks a lot nicer with Daisycutters and Fuzes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imaokie2000 View Post
    These are pics of the other bombs on display. They are larger than 57mm, so I have no idea what they are. They do not have the plaques on the displays yet.

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    No.1 is a bomb from Mk.8x family. Since all of them have similar shape, without dimensions I can't be 100% sure, but probably this is 2000 lb (900 kg) Mk.84.
    No.2 is 750 lb (340 kg) M117 bomb with a "new" tail. I don't remember it's index, but this tail was designed for dropping from both subsonic and supersonic planes.
    No.3 is also bomb from M-8x family (most probably 500 lb (227 kg) Mk.82), with Snakeye tail retarding device for low-level attack.
    No.4 is also bomb from M-8x family
    No.5 is BLU-109 - 2000 lb (900 kg) penetrator warhead, used in many guided bombs/missiles from Paveway, GBU-15, AGM-130, JDAM families. It could be also BLU-116 - modern, lighter penetrator, packed in the light external shape similar to BLU-109 for compatibility - or BLU-118, a version of BLU-109 filled with thermobaric explosive.
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    You can be certain of No. 3 as the 500lb by the large notches cut out on the length of the fins. That is an ID feature for the Snakeye fins for the MK 82.
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