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    No. 2 Mk 5(V) flare gun lug

    In the process of cataloging the flare gun assortment, I try and add a bit of detail to the info. This particular projector is lacking in online info with regards to it's service applications. With that, the lug on the barrel is mentioned to have been used as the locking device in a port in the side of an aircraft. Maybe even an armored vehicle. Akin to the U.S. AN-M8 and a Webley/Scott No 4 MK 1 of similar use, which have untold pages of details and remarks.
    My question is: does anyone know of a source of pictures, manuals, anything! regarding the use of this fine little flare gun and its lug?

    flare lug 2.jpg flare lug.jpg
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    Designed by Molins to a joint Army and RAF requirement, went into production during the middle of 1942.

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