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Thread: 37 mm SNEB

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    37 mm SNEB

    Found this 37 mm SNEB Drill rocket recently. Not sure how common these are. I believe they were used in Rhodesia as well as the South African Air Force.



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    I know French SNEB 37mm rockets (air to ground) used in the 50/60's.
    I assume we sold these rockets to South Africa.
    I learn with google these rockets were used by Rhodesian Air Force.
    Not common in France.


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    Here some photos of the live version.

    Regards Chris
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    The SNEB 37mm was initially developed as a dual air-air/air-ground weapons for early French jet, equipped with a retractable "basket" for such rockets, but very soon replaced by the 68mm SNEB rockets.
    Some Texan T6 were equipped with MATRA 181 launchers for 18x37mm SNEB or MATRA 361 launchers for 36x 37mm SNEB during the Algerian Conflict.
    T6 Algeria with SNEB 37mm MATRA 361.jpg
    and on their "Pirate" helicopters (Vertol H-21 "Banane") during this same conflict

    The Spanish T6D in Western Sahara were similarly armed with MATRA 181 18x37mm SNEB

    The South African AIr Force used thes same rockets on its Harvard 1, IIA, III (NA-88), Impala Mk I, Impala Mk II.
    The Rhodesian Air Force also used it on their Lynx (COIN version of the civilian Reims Cessna FTB337G), Trojan (COIN version of the civilian Aeromachi Lockheed AL- 60B) Jet Provost and Hunter.
    Here a Lynx with SNEB 37mm pods.
    Rhodesian Lynx with 37mm SNEB 4447414360_6ee20af0b1_o.jpg
    and a Trojan with such pods:
    Rhodesian Trojan of No 4 Sqn with 37mm SNEB.jpg
    - these are ex-Rhodesian SNEB 37mm
    Rhodesian Air Force 37mm SNEB 2.jpgRhodesian Air Force 37mm SNEB 1.jpg

    They also used SNEB 37mm rocket launchers batteries of 6 tubes on their Unimog bush trucks
    Rhodesian Unimog with SNEB 37mm launcher LR.jpg

    The Portuguese used it on their COIN aircraft in Angola and Guinea-Bissau
    Portuguese T6 armamento.jpg
    and more interestingly used it as the basis for a bazooka using this rocket: The "Lança-foguetes de 37mm para tropas terrestres"LANÇA-FOGUETES DE 37mm PARA TROPAS TERRESTRES.jpgguine-tite-1969-copy.jpg0_cb170_5427171d_orig.jpg0_11a947_c414faa9_XL.jpg0_1f1c6a_7ea74d98_XL.jpg0_cb17f_4f759e54_orig.jpg
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