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    Right, firstly the 9N (9Н) bit.

    Division 9 of the GRAU (ГРАУ) index code system covers Russian rocket and missile systems, along with their components.

    The subdivision N (Н) is normally used for warheads. It also covers entire submunitions, which are simply classed a small warheads (BE, БЭ, Боевых Элемента, Boevykh Elementa, lit. combat elements). Submunitions within ‘Division 9’ are normally given a GRAU index code that starts with ‘9N2’ (9Н2).

    Now the 9N22 bit.

    The 9N22 is a submunition that is carried by the cargo/cluster/dispenser warhead that is designated 9N18K (9Н18К). The 9K18K carries 42 of these 9N22 submunitions. The ‘K’ in 9N18K is short for Кассетный, Kassetnyy, so Cassette in English.

    The 9N18K arms the 540 mm 9M21K (9М21К) rocket, aka the FROG-7B using its NATO reporting name. The 9M21K is launched by the 9K52 Luna-M (9К52 Луна-М) system.

    There are some images of the 9M21K rocket and the 9N18K warhead here.


    If there are any Russian grammar/spelling errors, hopefully ‘Ivanshkin’ will fix them for me.


    PS I forgot to answer the original questions. The code 9Н210.01.000-184 seen on the 9N210 submunition is simply the designation of that subcomponent. It is common for Russian systems to have subcomponents designated like this. As far as I can tell it’s the designation for the base plug/plate of the 9N210.

    The 9N235 is a variant of the 9N210. The 9N235 has two different preformed fragment sizes, the 9N210 just one. The 9N235 also has a different model fuze, explosive filling and explosive weight.
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