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    Grenade hand illuminating Mk.1 Mod.2, USA

    Cutaway model of a “Grenade hand illuminating Mk.1 Mod.2”. This grenade is meant to illuminate an area at night, either for signaling purposes.
    The design of the “Grenade hand illuminating” can be traced back to WW2 , when the Mk1. Mod.1 was taken into service. The Mk1. Mod.2 type was used in the Vietnam period.
    The grenade consists of two sheet metal steel halves, of which the lower half is filled with an illuminating mix, topped with a starter mix and a black powder ignition layer.
    The outer appearance of the grenade body was the same for the Mk.1 Mod.1 and the Mk.1 mod.2, but a wicker and a quickmatch were placed from the M204 fuze into the ignition charge with the Mk1. Mod1. The newer Mk1. Mod.2 type (described here) used the M372 fuze and did not have a wicker any more.

    Functioning of the grenade:
    When thrown, the pyrotechnic delay of the M372 fuze projects a flame in the black powder ignition layer, igniting the starter mix and the illumination charge. The pressure of the black powder charge pushes off the top part of the grenade body with the fuze, allowing the illumination charge to function.
    The grenade burns for 25 seconds with 55.000 candela.

    Regards, DJH

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