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    Quote Originally Posted by US-Subs View Post
    The Chinese were only a few years out of WWII at that point, and the Japanese tanks that they were used to seeing were very small. Even then the Chinese exposure to armor was pretty limited, they had none during WWII and the Japanese didn't use much (as far as I am aware) in China. Also much of the Chinese experience with modern munitions was based off what they had seen during WWII (nearly all Japanese), and the Japanese were fond of ceramics in many applications. Much of the Chinese military material at the early stages of the Korean War was abandoned Japanese or copies.

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the information. It makes perfect sense that they would have seen very little, if any armor and the Japanese tanks of that time were quite small. This mine is not much bigger than a hand grenade so even on the smallest tank, a lot of luck would have been needed to cause any damage.
    I would love to attend the SLICS this year but we will see if there is any money left over after the SOS. I may be on a diet of ramen noodles after the show..... Pat
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    Understood, that's why I skip SOS, not enough money for everything.
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    Pat, probably won’t go to the SOS, work is slow during the winter months. It kills me I can’t go. Find any more inert Japanese aerial bombs!? Awesome.....

    JO, hope things are good with you also! I really enjoy your Bombatorium thread. Great stuff and good Japanese finds!

    JapaneseOrdnance at yahoo.com
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