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    U.S. Army Gun Bore Sight Kit Type J-2

    Was given this interesting set. The inside label notes use for .50 cal, 20mm and 37mm. I suspect this set was mostly used by the USAAF during WW2, considering the calibers. The sight has a simple crosshair and is foggy from being 75 years old but is still clear enough to see through. Some online research also brought up a Type J-1 kit with a larger variety of caliber adapters. These kits do not appear to be very common. I'd never seen one before.

    bore sight.jpg bore sight 4.jpg bore sight 3.jpg bore sight 2.jpg
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    I have had several. I use them to bore sight my 37mm cannons when shooting. The US Air Force released a bunch in Texas in the 90's; however, I have not seen one in a long time. A 37mm shooter will pay you $250 for that set. I sold my last one some time ago. I now use a modern 20mm set that has a higher magnification in the optics. However, it still fits the same 37mm adapter.

    I have attached a photo of my father helping me to bore sight the 37mm on my M8 armored car on his ranch in Texas before a shoot back in 2006.
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    I have the us navy version of that kit which is slightly bigger and has one for the 30 cal as well.i have used it to aim my 20mm hispano and it proved very accurate and saved wasting ammo.all the navy ones ive seen are always missing the 37mm sight for some reason.




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