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    82nd Airborne museum, Fort Bragg, NC

    I went to Fort Bragg hoping to see 2 musea, 82nd AA and JFK Special Warfare Museum, both inside Ft.Bragg. Unfortunately, JFK Museum was closed for renovations. So I went to 82nd museum. While inside, I met one of the curators, a very rare event, because they are usually absent on weekends. But he told me that they are constructing a much larger and better 82nd AA museum, and invited me to see the construction in progress. This by itself is a very rare event, usually military musea are being closed, not open. So first I'll present the existing museum with outdoor exhibits and then show a couple of pictures of the new one.
    By the way, Ft.Bragg is a very well kept modern facility which includes Pope Field (formerly Pope AFB, now run by US Army). Their visitor admission procedure is the most electronically advanced, including index finger scan on BOTH left and right side.
    So here is the present 82nd AA museum.


    And this is the new museum under construction and one of the rooms with future display items. The strange large item wrapped in plastic is an original front end of a D-day glider which has been used by soldiers at the base in practicing loading into the glider.

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