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    I did not mean to ruffle any feathers. I am in your camp and should have reworded my initial response, it was based on the " general public's perception". I take a lot of time and haul my ordnance collection to air shows, vet events and other shows. The most common response from many ( left wing, gun hating, ill informed, scared snowflakes) is how did you get this? Is it illegal? Etc.....even had the local PD called out at one big event to look at my display...turned out the two officers, one was a Gulf War Bradley gunner, looked around and stated it was " cool" and did I know where he could get a 25mm round...I gave him one....he at least knew what blue and gold colored rounds were, and what " inert" meant. Almost unbelievable what the perception is. That said, I have picked up a few nice pieces from the scrap yards, and from some who saw my display and asked if I wanted to buy one of their pieces. That said, I plan to continue collecting all these " evil looking, illegal, old door stops, dangerous pieces of scrap metal and mass destruction".
    Not really ruffled and certainly no hard feelings -
    Using the Bombatorium I do a lot of training with different law enforcement groups at different levels - local, State, Federal. The most frequent training I give begins with some of the ways that ordnance gets to the street. The first two methods I discuss are theft, either as theft of "cool" or illicit items (live grenades, claymores, etc.) with whatever intent, or theft as mistaken materials that make it out with/as stolen scrap metal from ranges and impact areas. I go on to point out however that there are a great many ways that ordnance has historically made it to the street that are perfectly legal. I try to imprint on many of these officers that the collector is not automatically your foe, in many ways they can be an asset. Sometimes this can be a struggle, as most law enforcement exposure with ordnance and collectors is when a problem comes up. Accidents, live items, the types of incidents that all collectors fear can result in restrictions and impressions that will hurt the field. As such, I may be a little over-sensitive to comments made on forums such as ours that can be misinterpreted to give a different impression.
    All dug or live ordnance shown in my posts is under EOD control and has been or will be dealt with accordingly by EOD personnel

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