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    Very interesting head stamps and ink marks on 75x350 USA case

    I found a very interesting case, for many reasons.

    1 - I never found a case marked 75 mm F.G. MOD'97,'16,'17. It is for the US made copy of the 75 mm M1897 Schneider, normally cases are marked 75 MM G or 75 MM GUN.
    2 - This case is crimped and ink marked like the 75 mm M18 cases for the Sherman tank as used in WW2.
    3 - The primer is dated 1940 (verifiyng WW2 use).
    4 - The primer is of type M22A1 (I checked many times to be sure), this I have not yet seen on any case.

    I post this for showing, because I think this is a very uncommon case. Secondly, anybody know of the M22A1 primer? I will dive in my library later.
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    I am no expert on US 75mm but by 1944 they used the M22A3 primer in HE and Reduced. It is obviously an earlier primer used for HE pre 1940?
    I have not seen your early case headstamp before.




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