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    British victorian lead coated 7 inch R.B.L/Armstrong 1865

    Hi thought I would add to my recent posts on Victorian artillery projectiles
    This is a 7 inch rifled breach loaded projectile designed by and to be used in the Armstrong gun this example is Armstrong's version of a (palliser)shot made very thick and strong with a small bursting charge, named a battering shot by Armstrong this is the only mark of this design of projectile,made in 1865 by R.L (royal labs)the Z on the base means coated with zinc/lead mix and the B is the grade of cast iron used the projectile is 12 inches tall, the 7 inch gun used to fire these projectiles was also known as the 110 pounder and had polygroove rifling much like the guns of today as well as being breach loaded and were truly a amazing development in Victorian engineering only it would seem let down (much to it's inventor Armstrong's dismay) by the limits of metals of the day and poorly trained personnel who were used to rolling round balls down the muzzle of there guns and after the Armstrong breach loaded guns had been in service for only a short period they were replaced by Rifled muzzle loading ordnance a step backwards maybe

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    Lovely clear stampings in the zinc/lead jacket.




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