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    The Nordenfelt 1-inch gun was introduced in the midst of the Russian invasion scare of 1878-9. Concerned that the light Russian torpedo boats would be able to whizz in and damage their larger warships before they could respond (the guns of which could only fire once every few minutes), the Admiralty rushed the introduction of the Nordenfelt 1-inch (purchased from Temple & Co.) as a way of dealing with any such potential threat. The 1-inch round was consequently designed to be heavy enough to pierce the decking of the lighter torpedo boats then in production. There was much kerfuffle with the War Office over the matter; as they felt that the gun and ammunition cost too much, and due to the system then in place, the costs of supplying the items fell on them.The War Office ended up pirating Nordenfelt's patented ammunition design and producing it in the Ordnance Factories; for which Nordenfelt was much later awarded a sum as compensation by the Ordnance Council.

    The aiming rounds introduced by Morris (through his partnership with Kynoch) a decade or so later were quite the opposite in conception. Designed to be cheap and cheerful, they existed for practice firing from custom designed aiming rifles. They weren't intended to penetrate anything, and were deliberately miniaturised so as to save on cost.

    One is designed to crack open boats, the other for target practice. The difference is as you see in the photographs. Amusingly, despite being produced up to 1887, the Nordenfelt 1-inch was actually considered obsolete by 1884 due to new tougher torpedo boats.
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