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    Picked up today two WW2 Fuzes #222B & 119B

    I picked these up, I'm sure I paid too much, the equivalent to 89 Pounds sterling for the pair. But I'm
    having a bad time finding fuzes these days. What I really need is a #221 fuze to put on a 3" 20CWT
    round, preferably undated. I would trade the #222 for one. The 119 fuze I'll keep in case I ever
    find a late 1930s 18 pr, though it's dated for 1945 and an earlier one might be better.
    119B made by Sc/C 5 45 (full markings are 119B MK 10 s symbol/C 5 AX ^ (s symbol is an s inside an elongated hexagon)
    222B markings are ; 222B I NE/C 4AA, never filled so no date, Has felt ring spacers, rings clean.

    So if anyone has a spare #221 get in touch, though it is best if the fuze is in Canada for an easy exchange.

    I actually haven't seen a No 222 before - am I breaking even on cost ? $160, also came with two munitions workers
    badges, maybe those will even it out if they are worth anything much (on ebay now).
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    The 119 was made by Schultz Die Casting Co. of Canada. Empty Series Lot is 5AX, so made in '45, Lots 231 - 240, filled by General Engineering Co. at their Scarborough plant.

    The 222B was made by Northern Electric Co. Empty Series Lot is 4AA, so made '44, Lots 1 - 10.





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