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Thread: Peter Kunz

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    Peter Kunz

    A moment please, i put this on facebook but for those who has no facebook here it is. Some weeks ago me,my very good friend Paul James Singleton and my other good friend Geert Bolhuis went to Germany to collect the collection of Peter Kunz who died in November 2017. The family ask us to reserve this beautiful collection and show it to all the collectors , I have made space in the Museum and if we get the ok from the director this collection will be on display in September 2018 at the War museum Overloon. It is by far the best German Pionier collection i have ever seen. Rest In Peace Peter your pals Paul ,Geert and Ben
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    Peter was a great friend to know, i helped him out with a few things in his beautiful collection, Its good to know that his collection will be displayed for all to see, rather than sold off as what most families do. I am sure this is what Peter wanted, thanks Ben and Paul for doing this.

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