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    US 2,36'' VS Mk2

    hello, did anyone have an official document of the american Army to assert the authenticity of the rocket with both MK2?

    find nothing in the official tm 2.36 inch.

    it is already the second model that passes in my hands. every time I find it weird.
    2,36'' vs Mk2.jpg

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    I think I've seen an Ord TB type document on it at one time, but don't think I have a copy. I'd be real cautious about picking these up in Europe. While they were developed out of Picatinny and a couple of museum examples exist, I don't know if they ever fielded them. Fakes used to show up at the military show in Arlon back around 2000 fairly regularly. Someone out of the Belgium/France area was turning out all sorts of fake materials, everything from the WWI aviation flechettes to US 40mm grenades. From the same area I've also seen fake copies of the US M17 rifle grenades that were very accurate until you tried to take them apart. Any purchase of the rare pieces out of Arlon and other area shows had to be checked very closely. Some of these fakes have been out there long enough now that they are getting there own "credibility" just from their age.
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    Never seen any official document on it.

    I found a list of experimental Bazooka rockets in the National Archives (Rocket and Rocket Launcher types, Record Group 156, Box 14) and don't remember seeing anything about a rocket using hand grenades. Fairly long list too, several pages. Not 100% sure and don't have a copy of the paper, but I'm 99% sure there is no mention of the supposed rocket.




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