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    Trench Art Lamp with new fittings

    Hi I got this Trench art lamp a while ago it had really old wiring and a bakerlite type fitting which was brittle . the on off switch and parts was a bit dated to . I gave it a good clean taking out the old parts WW1/WW2 ???? It was unusable . I fitted an up date screw in section with a new wire running down the primer tube . I put a switch on with a choc wire connection bit crude but safe lol .there is no head stamp even the primer is unmarked and 3 studs fitted . the Rim is around 138 to 140 mm ?? Which leaves a few cases to concider WW1 etc I don't think its post war but I could be wrong .
    It now has an Led bulb which has been running for years and a new shade .
    Is there any money on these lamps the dirty pictures are when I got it .took a bit of elbow grease to polish it up but now gets a clean once a year
    Cheers Ken
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    Trench art lamps can be terrifying ~ sometimes it's the design, sometimes- most times it's the condition.
    But when you find a nicely designed one, (simplicity is best as this thread shows) you can end up with a really decent lamp.
    The trouble with the endless 18pr lamps is generally poor design and because the nickel plating was put
    directly on the steel body (without a copper layer first) it eventually rusts under the plating and it flakes off unevenly and then those become a mess.
    Added to which they have generally been polished smooth so the marks are gone as well leaving pretty much nothing but a dummy
    body filler for the collector.

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