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    65mm Garland Mortar.

    a.jpgb.jpgc.jpgd.jpge.jpgI show photos of one of my prized items - a 65mm Garland Mortar used by Australians in 1915.
    I compared it to the photo in R.Landers Grenade Book which shows a longer wooden stem which holds the tail and must drop off.

    Overall is 175mm. Body is 63.5mm. Narrow tail is 43.4mm Diameter.

    There is lots of internal parts to see. The nose plug has been cut off short. The brass container has a strange 3 prong spring-standoff section, a felt spacer and a screw-on wooden rear section. The tail is tied to a ring. The explosive container was filled with grease and lead pieces which I removed. Maybe it was for practice or filled to represent a charge/weight.

    It must be rather scarce as I have not seen another one. A chance to see how it functioned. A diagram would be nice to see.

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    very interesting, thanks for sharing

    Any Live or Dug ordnance shown by me has been disposed of by EOD personnel .

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