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    I was more interested in the lower brass ring and I see what I expected. What looks like a "y" is a cyrillic letter "у" (U) and part of the stamp "уд" for "удар" = impact. So your fuze was made by Rheinmetall for Bulgaria (due to the material combination 1917-18).

    There are two types of 75x118R a straight one and one with shoulder. The last one should be for the Krupp 7,5 cm L/14 mountain gun the other one is still unknown. Since years no good Information about these guns is known.

    You may have a look at this fuze from "Depotman": About which I am pretty sure it was made by Schneider for Bulgaria before the war started: http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/thread...uze-What-Is-It. It has all the same characteristics for fuze setting key, fuze mounting key and design of scale as yours.
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    Many thanks Alpini, your knowledge is outstanding. The question for me is how a potentially Bulgarian WW1 item ended up in the UK. The most likely route would be being brought home as a souvenir. A forgotten part of the First World War was the British involvement in fighting Bulgarian forces during the Salonika, Balkan campaign. My understanding is British forces landed in Salonika in October 1915 and did not fully leave until 1921. At peak strength 250,000 British troops were involved alongside French, Russian and Serbian forces. I am still surprised at what turns up with a story to tell.


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