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    Australian Sectioned Depth Charge (M)

    I am re-posting this thread which appeared 21-8-16 by my friend Darkman to hopefully get new information.
    The pistol belongs with the depth charge as both have official tags with matching numbers.
    Marked: On Her Majesty's Service 643 N1V Depth Charge "M" .
    Pistol is tagged: 643 N1V Pistol Depth Charge Mark 13X.
    Stamped on the body is: DCM MO AN 0000. That is Maribyrnong Ordnance. ME is Maribyrnong Explosives Filling Factory.
    Pistol has settings for SAFE, 100 and 150.

    Dimensions: 280mm Diam. (285 at flared top). 360mm long. 90mm Pistol hole. Dated 6/11/43. Weight 18.5kg (41lb approx).


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