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    9cm? projectile for identification.

    This seems to be a 9cm Shrapnel projectile but was not in my German book. It has a captive pusher plate inside and the adaptor has an odd hole in the side. The fuze thread is very coarse approx. 7TPI right hand.
    Dimensions are: 170mm long. 91mm body. 93mm top band. 94mm lower band.
    12mm from base to first band. 12mm band width. 65mm between bands. 10mm top band width.

    What projectile, Country and gun used this projectile. Looks pre 1900.


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    I am not 100% sure, but I think it's a turkish 9 cm (87 mm) shrapnel shell. Made in Germany most probably by Krupp.

    If it is pre 1900 then not much before because it is a shell made from forged steel. And the first forged steel shells where made around 1895.

    The german designation for the fuze thread may be W31,6 x 1/7" (31,6 mm Diameter / 7 tpi) which is a typical Krupp thread size. Also the small tapered part in the fuze thread is typical.

    The hole is a filling hole for the lead balls.

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