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    Der Mann aus dem Eis (2017)

    This warring story https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5907748...=nm_flmg_act_8 takes place in the Alps about 5300 years ago. It is the story of Otzi (too lazy to find an "umlaut") the Iceman, an ice mummy found in Ötztal Valley in 1991. It is a rather theoretical account of how Ötzi (stole an umlaut from Wiki) ended up where he has been found. Low level Neolithic warfare filmed exactly where Ötzi lived. Using the remnants of the oldest known local language. So no need for learning German or reading subtitles. I liked this take on Ötzi's demise. I still remember crossing the Alps by train from Austria to Italy in winter 1978, a lot of snow and few tunnels. It is nice that Europeans have found their long lost roots right at the time when their civilization is literally being taken apart. This movie may became illigal to watch in a dozen of years, just like in "Planet of the Apes".
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