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    Mini cargo parachute

    I met an old retired USN E-9 who was a parachute rigger back in the day. Fills his free time now building and repairing assorted parachutes, harnesses and riggings using mid 20th century sewing machines and equipment designed for such things. A dungeony kind of place, in the back of a vintage Quonset hut filled to the ceiling with a lifetime collection of relevant(parachute) items. The front is used to store his PT-17. Lots and lots of "stuff". Including a large assortment of flare storage cans, ammo crates, and on and on. A picker's paradise.
    Anyway, as time went on, I questioned the relevance of the many "mini" parachutes hanging in and around. Initial guess was he made them for fun. Sorta like those mini display tents in the camping section of a store. He said they were real and generally used for cargo drops. Size dependent on weight of dropped item. After closer examination it was apparent they were heavy duty mil-spec and not some yard craft thing.
    I got this in the mail today.

    parachute 1.jpg parachute 2.jpg parachute 3.jpg

    Searched the net for AN CRT-3A Radio SET and found this.


    An interesting survival radio itself.

    His PT-17, just to round things out.

    PT17 Lantz port.jpeg
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