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    No 74 Sticky Bomb Grenades

    This subject has been posted before by roller63 on 20-6-08.http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/thread...=drill+grenade

    I have obtained the Bakelite version plus a solid wood Drill or Throwing Practice grenade so wish to show my photos with the measurements that were asked about but not answered in the previous post. I now need the metal casing to go with this display.

    The Drill with metal ring weighs 860 grams. 110mm ring. 91mm wood. 230mm (9") long. Handle is 27mm and 42mm ring.
    The solid wood version weighs 590 grams. 102mm wide. 230mm long. Handle is 27mm and 46mm ring. Both are hardwood.

    Is this the Mk 1 & 2 versions or is the wood one unit made for practice and not official issue ?

    I have 2 variations of the glass bodies. One is unmarked and the other is embossed No74 1 1942. Usually covered in the sticky stuff and unseen.


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