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    WWII French Char B Tank 75mm Hull Gun Ammunition

    I was keeping my eyes open for the "75 DEC" head stamp on such cases (75 X 247R) for this gun due to these German documents. However, I just came to the understanding that "DEC" means "de Campagne" or field gun, and that "75 DEC" ammunition can only be for the French Mle 1897 field gun - the famous "French 75" - which, of course, has a much longer case. So, I would like to propose that these German documents are incorrect as to the head stamp markings on the cases. My current understanding is that there are only three head stamps that can be marked on the Char B tank 75mm cases:

    1. 75 Mle 1931
    2. 75 O.L.E. 31
    3. 75 MDC 31

    I have found four of the 75 Mle 1931 cases with the help of my BOCN brothers but not the other two. I would love to get the input of our members on this topic.
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    I am not sure if the Germans made errors, I know the 75x350 case has been used by the French (for WW1 tanks) and the Romanians (for field guns) to be shortened to fit other guns. But I have never seen the case as mentioned in the German documents.

    As for the 75x247R, there is a 4th type, the 75 mm Mle 1935 SA and this is the one in the first image of the German manual. I have also never seen a French case of this type. In my collection I have the Mle 1931 and the MDC, where MDC = Mortier de Casemate. I do not know what OEL is for.
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