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    Closing the ring (2007)

    A slow starting WWII drama taking place in Belfast, UK and USA which accelerates rapidly into a series of unusual interpersonal twists after a main character is killed in a B-17 crash in Northern Ireland https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0488380/. The action continuously switches from WWII era to 1991 and back and the accompanying background Irish music gives it a feel of the movie "Titanic". 1991 action involves IRA bombings and politics (IRA, Irish Republican Army for those younger than me or with bad memory). Good cast, Christopher Plummer is a major plus.
    A scene of bombing in Belfast in 1941 implies German Luftwaffe action. I had no idea Luftwaffe bombed so far away. Is this true?
    P.S. Richard Attenborough's last movie.
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